Contoh Soal dan Jawaban Mikrotik MTCRE

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1. Network redundancy over several links (failover) can be achieved by
A. dynamic routing protocols O
B. web-proxy
C. policy routing
D. route option "check-gateway"

2. The correct order for PPPOE discovery stage is
A Request Offer. Initialization and Session confirmation
B. Initialization, Session confirmation, Request and Offer
C. Request Initialization, Session confirmation and Offer
D. Initialization, Ofler. Request and Session confirmation

3. Consider the following output from the command "/ip address print":
Flags: X - disabled, I - invalid, 0 - dynamic
This configuration is invalid because of the duplicate IP's.

4. RIP and OSPF routing protocols can be configured on the same router at the same time.

5. If check-gateway=ping for a route is selected and the gateway for the route does not respond to pings, how many seconds does it take for the router to disable the route?
A 5s
B. It depends on network type on affected interface
C. 20S
D. 10s

6. In an OSPF routed network, External routes are imported as-type-2. Remote routing decision to this network is made based on the sum of the external and internal metrics

7. What is the protocol number used by the EoIP tunnel, to encapsulate Ethernet frames and send them to the remote side of the EoIP tunnel
A 1723
B 1194

8. Mark the correct default route distances.
A. RIP distance is 130 
B. iBGP distance is 200
C. eBGP distance is 25
D. OSPF distance is 110

9. When adding a static route, you must always ensure that you add both the gateway and the interface.

10. To route two private networks together over a public routed network (there are multiple hops between the gateway routers of the private networks), you can use the following tunnel types (mark all that are correct):
D. ipip


11. If route type is 'blackhole', then packets to the destination network are going to be
A. sent Back to the source
B. dropped on this router
C. dropped on this router and ICMP message will be sent back to the source
D. sent back to the previous router

12. A MikoTik PPPoE Server can be used only within a broadcast domain, that is, users can not run PPPoE protocol with a server if there is a router between the customer and that PPPoE server. (False/True)

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