Install the Dude di mikrotik

How to install and configure the dude network monitoring tool on mikrotik router - Dude network monitor is tool package that can be installed on mikrotik router. This tool is free to use and you can download it from mikrotik website. But before you download this tool package, you must know about your router series because each of tool package different for each series mikrotik router. Please see below :
  • Files with names "*mipsle*" = For RB100, RB500
  • Files with names "*x86*" = For PC Intel/AMD/RB200
  • Files with names "*ppc/powerpc*" = For RB300, RB600, RB800, RB1000
  • Files with names "*mipsbe*" = For RB400, RB700, Omnitik, SXT, Groove
For example, this is step by step how to install dude network monitor on RB 450G

1. Download npk file from mikrotik website or in this blog
2. Upload your npk file to your mikrotik router through FTP. You can use fezilla ftp client to upload npk file to mikrotik router. Or upload npk file through winbox. See below how to upload file to mikrotik router through winbox :

How to install dude on mikrotik router

Drug and drop npk file to File List at the winbox

4. Reboot your mikrotik router, and the dude network monitor will be installed automatically on your router after reboot.
5. Please check log at the winbox, and you can see if the dude is already installed or not.

How to install dude on mikrotik router

6. Done. Dude network monitor already installed on your mikrotik. Now, read How to use dude to monitor your device (router, switch, wireless device, etc).

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