Dialog Bahasa Inggris


Indah          :”Exusme, waiter”.
Waiter         :”Yes mis , can i help you”.
Indah            :”Yes, of course”.
Waiter         :”What is that miss”.
Indah          :”I want to order spaghetty”.
Waiter         :”Yes, there are more miss”.
Indah          :”Owh yes, avocado juice and french fries”.
Waiter         :”Okay, wait a minute miss”.
Indah          :”Okey”.

          (A few minutes later)
Waiter         :”Sorry miss spaghetty already finished”.
Indah          :”Owh, is there any other menu?”.
Waiter         :”Yes, of course”.
Indah          :”Then what special menu is?”.
Waiter         :”There is pizza”.
Indah          :”I message it”.
Waiter         :”Okey miss”.
Indah          :”Okey thank you”.
Waiter         :”You are welcome”.

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