Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 2 Orang

A : Hi, where are you going ?
B : I want to go to lunch, you want to come ?
A : Ok, I’m coming.
A : We want to eat where ?
B : We eat at restaurant Seribu Rasa. How ?
A : Ok…. Usually, the restaurant is open at what time ?
B : The restaurant is open 24 hours.
A : Open any day ?
B : The restaurant is open on Monday to Saturday.
A : Any menu there ?
B : There are meatball, chicken noodless, chicken satay, and many more.
A : Ok, then we leave.
B :Ok, we have arrived.
B : Ah, there’s menu in the window, and there is a price too.
A : Hmm… the price is pretty cheap.
B :How about we eat here ?
A : Ok, I aggre.
B : Ok.

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